Monday, September 11, 2006

My first ever blog.

Well here I am at last, in the realm of millions. I have for ages read plenty of them, commented on them, and for some time thought that I should perhaps even try one of my own but with, I have to say, no timescale for starting said project - next month never, next year maybe - but no pressure and certainly no timescale for posting the first bulletin. My most desultory plans were however wrecked on the rocks of music discussion; it was always a likely subject but the timing, as it happens specifically the album 'Fur and Gold' by Bat For Lashes, was not quite what I had intended at all.
I really wanted only to reply to a couple of comments already posted, but to do that I was forced to register, and so this otherwise quite unremarkable Monday evening was the moment I was finally tipped over the edge - next month or next year became this evening!

Why the title "Thoughts on music"? Well of course it started with that, and I needed a title after all, but the one very interesting comment I read that really made me post, rather than simply reply in respect of the above, is this generally applicable comment by Paul.

Hard to keep up with music overseas :(
Well yes it is, and it's no different this side of the Atlantic I'm afraid, but surely it is easier than it has ever been? We just need to talk more; so to all of you at The Yellow Stereo, keep up the good work!


Paul said...

Hey thanks for the kind words! Welcome to the blogging world as well :)

What I said about the difficulty of finding new music from overseas is definitely true. A few years ago music from like the UK was all I would ever try to keep up with. I had like a Q subscription and everything hahaha. Now, I don't know hardly anything....i just have my old britpop cds hehe. If there's ever anything we should know about, feel free to tell us! We'll do the same for you!

Richard G said...

Thank you not only for your kind comments, but also for posting the first comment on my blog.
Oh my! The heady days of Britpop... it all seemed so obvious and logical (at least here in Britain) way back then... It is not that the UK has been silent since, far from it in fact, so much more soon.