Monday, June 25, 2007

Glastonbury 2007 - second thoughts

Despite the weather, which was awful today too and thus it took twelve hours to get all the vehicles out of the parking areas, it seems that the performances over the long weekend were almost all of the highest standard.

Amy Winehouse was apparently as show-stoppingly good as ever but she looks as though she was unable to find anything to eat!

I can't help but think that she looked better 1n 2005.

Kate Moss was also there and probably not eating either. In fact it was touch and go if she would leave her Winnebago in case she got muddy...

She was probably wondering what to wear too, but whatever she finally decided on it was unlikely to upstage Brazilian band CSS who have been blazing a musical trail across Britain (and increasingly Europe, Japan and Australasia) for the last year or so and a bit of mud wasn't going to stop them.
The band consists of a male drummer and five girls who don' t entirely believe in the 'Size Zero' idiocy, as is the case with Lily Allen too, that much of the music industry does and they are also proud of it.

CSS defiantly mudless on stage at Glastonbury.

Simply defiant: CSS lead singer Lovefoxxx...
on stage at the (indoor) Great Escape Festival in Brighton in early June 2007.

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