Saturday, July 21, 2007

CSS Roxxx

A great deal has been written about Brazilian band CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) in the last nine months and much of it, it has to be said, sounds rather like hyperbole. The first track on their 2006 début album is even rather self-deprecatingly entitled 'CSS Suxxx'.
See them live and
you'll probably discover that it isn't the case. You could well argue that the music itself isn't particularly ground breaking - you would be right too - but that is to miss the point altogether. This album is good enough to hold its own on CD - it is ultimately feel-good music - but CSS live is a quite different experience.

This is a band that is not only clearly loving the limelight but also making it shine brighter and, in Lovefoxxx (aka Luisá Matsushita), they also happen to have one of the most charismatic
lead singers of the moment.

She came on stage at Latitude wearing a long grey shawl as they launched the set with 'Patins'...

This was soon removed to reveal the sparkling rainbow number that stunned Glastonbury...

... and it lasted the next four songs - this one is 'Alala'.

"I'm much too hot!" she announced as she kicked off her trainers, and then went on to peel the sparkly outfit off while still singing and dancing, part way through 'Art Bitch'!
She is the ultimate nightmare for Security too, liking nothing better than to abandon the stage proper to either sing in the pit, talk to the crowd or even indulge in a bit of crowd-surfing! (Indeed she did all of these things last Saturday and also announced that their second album will be released in December 2007, if SubPop didn't know it already!)

Off-stage again: Music Is My Hot, Hot Sex... was 'unplugged',
with the crowd providing the lead vocals!

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