Sunday, June 22, 2008

Anyone for a 1970-1990 heavy rock restrospective?

I've been asked about this a few times and so far I have resisted. Two decades before blogging even existed we used to talk about doing it, when we were at college, but in those days cassette tapes were the epitome of home recording and so it never got very far.

I'm not suggesting anything illegal here (the above would have been illegal too), rather what do we think are the best heavy rock albums or songs and why? In that there is a further problem: who are we anyway - clearly we are going to be of various ages and, even if not, have various tastes and so if we agree, even in general terms, what constitutes heavy rock we'll be doing pretty well!

My inclination is that we shouldn't agonise too much about the exact genre (who knows them anyway?) or date of release; if you think it might fit, or something should be considered in another context, then feel free to suggest it. If you disagree with something posted please say so in a reasoned, and if necessary forceful, way.

I moderate this blog and I want it to be diverse, so dissent is tolerated, but abuse is NOT AN OPTION and will not be posted. Extreme cases will be reported without warning. I hope I never have to do this but, if necessary, I will do so immediately.

I have a fair few albums in this general category, including plenty that you would probably regard as quite embarrassing, so please don't feel shy to mention your favourites even if you think them unusual. I'll be sympathetic but, likewise, trying to claim one artist/band is the only one worth listening to simply won't wash with me. There are other forums for the likes of you and I'd far rather you also admitted that you like Girls Aloud, Sugababes, or whatever else...
I simply don't have a problem with that.

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bentley_jab said...

hope it want my comment on Gary Moore that offended you ? JB