Friday, August 08, 2008

Rock Goddess

I had little enthusiasm while on my way to work today, not least because almost everyone else is on holiday. I worried about that needlessly, as it happened, and while I was busy everyone I had to deal with seemed to be understanding. When I got home things continued to improve up to a point; yesterday my ISP was sulking but today it was now fully functional again.
Then came a problem and an e-mail I really didn't need! Someone (who will for their own sake remain anonymous) telling me in no uncertain terms that there have never been any all female heavy-rock bands, an assertion that is clearly ridiculous.
In addition he (and I'm making an brazen assumption here as, quite cowardly in the circumstances, there was no name provided) my correspondent also told me that, aged 25, "it" was in a position to know!
At the age of 43 I'm no longer inclined to rage, as once I might have been, and in any case this says it all...

Rock Goddess - Rock Goddess (AMLH 68554, 1983).

At the time this was released "it" was a gurgling infant and I was eighteen years old. I saw them live touring the following album, Hell Hath No Fury, which was released in 1984. They were not the first all-female heavy-rock band (although the two albums mentioned above were both released on A&M, which is a major label imprint) and in the quarter century since plenty more have followed that path, albeit with contemporary differences in both style and content.

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Kary said...

Rock Goddess is THE ultimate all-female band EVER! I wish I could have seen them live!