Tuesday, March 17, 2009

From Home To Home and 6 Day Riot

Several people have arrived here looking for this album in the last week or two and I couldn't see quite why. Now I've twigged and realised that there is an on-going problem with the 'I've just listened to:' list on the side-bar.
I try to link items with blog posts that they obviously refer to but it is such a spider-web that to do so comprehensively is not really possible; not least because I will be completely unaware of many of the connections.
You have two direct options here: tell me what I've missed and ask me if I know what you want (e-mail), or just start a discussion (please feel free to use anonymous comments if you prefer).

Here is one album
that it would seem to fall in that category; I have it, included it in my 'I've just listened to:' list but I have never specifically posted about it:

From Home To Home - Tamara Schlesinger (2004)

You should still be able to find this very commendable album on CD at a reasonable price but given that the band she currently fronts, 6 Day Riot, is in the ascendency it might be better to do so sooner rather than later and not least because their first album, Folie à Deux (2007), is in another league - one of those rarities on which I find it near impossible to choose my most or least favourite tracks. Lyrics to both these albums are available if you ask.

6 Day Riot is on tour soon - click image below to enlarge :-)

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