Sunday, January 31, 2010

What Comes Next? - New Music 2010 - part 6

In a sense the title says it all. In some ways I'm more confident commenting on music than almost anything else. It is time that I added some more music from the US to my wants list and I am happy to do that.

This one was released in the US last year, but I have only just become aware of it, and suspect that I will like it...

It is in fact her fourth studio album, which makes the fact that I was until very recently unaware of her even less excusable. Of Taiwanese heritage and bought up in California she has now relocated to New York. Her music is piano-led, she is a classically-trained pianist, and those tracks that I have heard sound very interesting indeed. This album was released in the US in 2009 and the music is, as she likes to describe it, chamber folk.
Given the patch-work of music currently finding favor on both sides of the Atlantic I can see this being another missing piece of the jigsaw.

Another album I want to listen to is of continental European origin - IRM - Charlotte Gainsbourg (2010). I must say I am still a fan of her 2006 album 5:55. It is true that she doesn't have a remarkable singing voice but, when the tracks are written for it, one that is rather affecting.

Another piano-led singer and also songwriter and another from California, who does have a truly remarkable voice, is Alison Sudol better known as 'A Fine Frenzy' and from what I can gather she is busy with the release of her second album 'Bomb In A Birdcage', the follow up to 'One Cell In The Sea' (2007 -US and 2008-UK). It is due for release in March 2010.

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Lucy said...

Hi there,
Bomb in a Birdcage is a fantastic album, but amazon have been selling it for months already, not quite sure why it now says it won't be out until March. I got my copy last September and it's definitely worth buying.