Monday, May 31, 2010

Eurovision 2010 live thoughts...

I've tried to write about Eurovision after the event before and it never seems to work out.
This time, apart from mentioning that I think that Norway put on a very impressive show with its use of lighting and the transparent stage, here are some of my thoughts, written live in pencil and on the back of the cover letter to a gas bill.

It'll be hard to read, harder still to understand, but that is the price you pay for what was very much live commentary.  There was good and there was bad and then, in the case of the UK contribution, the utterly forgettable.
As you can see I had not done much advance planning for this new concept beyond having 'an old Neil Young record and a bottle of red' to hand in case of emergency: a ploy suggested by Thea Gilmore on 'Harpo's Ghost' (2008).

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The Voyeurist said...

No thoughts on SERBIA?!?!?! With lyrics like 'Your chest makes me happy'... Surely, they would have had a mere mention or two??