Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking forward to festivals...

What with this last weekend being BBC Radio 1's outdoor 'Big Weekend' and Brighton's multi-venue indoor 'Great Escape', a fortnight after 'Camden Crawl 2011', I have been busy remotely listening to, watching and reading about the very best in new and established live music as it marks the start of the 2011 festival season.  I also watched the Eurovision 2011 Grand Final in its entirety. It is always important to maintain a sense of proportion and perspective.
This has of course made me think more about all the acts that I will have a chance to see and hear live at festivals this summer.  As my last post concerned new music from Canada where better to start than with more music from Canada?

Just added to the line up at EOTR 2011 is a Canadian act that I first mentioned back in 2010 - Slow Down, Molasses. Walk Into The Sea is the second album.

Little did I suspect that the band would be added to the confirmed artists for EOTR 2011. Indeed so unlikely did it seem that it never even occurred to me to include it on my list.
Be careful what you wish for.  Be amazed by what you don't.

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