Tuesday, April 17, 2012

New Music 2012 - Part 14 - Metric 'Synthetica'

Metric will release its fifth studio album on June 11 in the UK and June 12 in North America (that is simply a chart-counting related issue).  This is the album art now that I have reduced it from 3690 x 3690 pixels to a more manageable, unless that is you want to project it on to a large flat wall, 800 x 800 pixels!

The usual problem with pre-release album art is that it is small and grainy; so even making it workable at 320 x 320 pixels for use in the side-bar of the blog can be a challenge. That is not a problem in this case but on the other hand I have never seen Metric live, which is something I might just have to put right this year and, because I can certainly do so, this is the track list:

1.     Artificial Nocturne
2.     Youth Without Youth
3.     Speed The Collapse
4.     Breathing Underwater
5.     Drums So Real
6.     Lost Kitten
7.     The Void
8.     Synthetica
9.     Clone
10.   The Wanderlust
11.    Nothing But Time

Their second studio album 'Old World Underground, Where Are You Now?' (2005) was one of the first I ever posted a comment on and as such it pre-dates this blog. Rather more importantly I still love it to bits!  


Andrew said...

Didn't realise they had a new album on the way!

Old World Underground, Where Are You Now? definitely a good one!

Okay if I 'reblog' this one over on my blog? Cheers!

Richard G said...

Please reblog by all means! The first I knew of 'Synthetica' was *literally* just before I blogged it.
They are on a short UK/Europe tour this summer and I'd like to try and see them at Oxford, which is the nearest date to me (about 65 miles.

Andrew said...

Decided to re-word it! But credited you nonetheless! They play our music fest Osheaga this year, hope to see them!