Saturday, March 30, 2013

New Music - Part 14 - Kelly Richey - Sweet Spirit

Kelly Richey has returned, after 2008 release 'Carry The Light', with a new band and a new studio album 'Sweet Spirit' and again it is released on her own label 'Sweet Lucy Records'. It has not had a UK release as yet but no matter. This is the track list:

  • 1. Feelin' Under
  • 2. I Went Down Easy
  • 3. Leavin' It All Behind
  • 4. Something's Going On
  • 5. Everybody Needs a Change
  • 6. Fast Drivin' Mama
  • 7. One Way Ticket
  • 8. Risin' Sun
  • 9. Dyin'
  • 10. Workin' Hard Woman
It is on its way to me from the US and, while we are about it, here is the album artwork. Blues rock of the highest order awaits if the samples I have heard are in any way representative of the whole. I'm pretty confident that this is so.

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