Saturday, January 09, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 5 - Applewood Road

One day in 2014 three songwriters met in a coffee shop in East Nashville. They had not met before but they wrote a song called Applewood Road.
Shortly afterwards the three - Amber Rubarth, Amy Speace and Emily Barker - recorded it and decided to expand the project to a whole LP. In 2015 they had written the whole set and returned to the same place where they recorded that first song. This is that record and what you get is three part harmony and sparse acoustic accompaniment.

It was recorded at Welcome To 1979 Studio in Nashville around a single microphone to two-track tape using all analogue equipment.  The tapes were edited together and mastered at Gearbox Records, again using all analogue process and the acetate masters lathe-cut there too.

Applewood Road:
  1. Applewood Road
  2. To the Stars
  3. Old Time Country Song
  4. Home Fires
  5. Honey Won't You
  6. Give Me Love
  7. Sad Little Tune
  8. Lovin' Eyes
  9. Josephine
  10. I'm Not Afraid Anymore
  11. Bring the Car Round
  12. Row Boat
  13. My Love Grows
It is released by Gearbox Records on 12 February 2016 (vinyl, digital). Here is a little preview:

Note added 10 February 2016:
You can currently listen to a legal stream of the full album courtesy of For Folk's Sake, ahead of its release this coming Friday, here.
Or indeed, courtesy of The Bluegrass Situation, here.

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