Friday, April 22, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 27 - Tim Heidecker - In Glendale

I've been thinking about putting up another post that is a road-trip or rail-trip through music. It's an idea that I like and I enjoyed figuring-out the first one but then again it was pretty spontaneous. Ideas and the music to go with them I am not short of. There is no doubt at all about that. There are only three significant matters remaining undetermined; the starting point, the destination and the itinerary. I guess I need a little more time working on that project. It isn't something that I can't conjure up on demand and trying only makes the problem worse.

That neatly brings me to this. A project complete, except for its release to an expectant world, and a project more-or-less about a single place. Tim Heidecker is a comedian by trade and this is his first foray into "serious" music. That might sound alarm bells for many but in this case it shouldn't.
This is his semi-serious take on life, family and anything else (not all of it pleasant) in and around their home in California.

In Glendale - Tim Heidecker (Rado Records, 20 May 2016).
  • In Glendale
  • Cleaning Up The Dog Shit
  • Work From Home
  • Ghost In My Bed
  • Good Looking Babies
  • When The Cash Runs Out
  • I Dare You To Watch Me Sleep
  • Central Air
  • I Saw Nicolas Cage
  • Ocean's Too Cold
Rado Records is an imprint, under the Jagjaguwar label, curated by Jonathan Rado of FoxygenWhatever the sound, and it is mostly indie rock here, music doesn't get much more independent-minded than this.
In a sense Tim Heidecker has a parallel in Courtney Barnett: they are contemplating 
similar conundrums and the resulting decisions but starting from quite different points of view.

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