Monday, July 25, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 42 - Amy Lashley - Daredevils, Strugglers and Daydreamers

Here is another artist rather little known in the UK. Amy Lashley hails from small-town Indiana - the kind of place where, as she recalls it, truck keys were routinely left in the ignition and houses never locked. Delving into the lyrics of the eleven songs suggests that there was another side to this apparent idyll; 'Cotton Flower' in particular hints at the darker side of life.
This is her third full LP release. It follows 'For What It's Worth' (2008) and 'Travels of a Homebody' (2011). This latter garnered many very favourable reviews and the latest seems to be following that path too. 

Amy Lashley - Daredevils, Strugglers and Daydreamers (Wanamaker Recording Company, 2016).

  • Just A Goner 
  • Semi Tire 
  • Blame the Wind 
  • I Knew It 
  • Cotton Flowers 
  • Daredevil 
  • Fall So Far 
  • Dirty Old Man 
  • West Coast Lament 
  • We Still Smile 
  • Rich Folks
This LP is produced by fellow Indianan, and her partner, Otis Gibbs. He also plays guitar here but her songs are quite differently presented. Indeed it is a fine idea to listen to both artists - it is an astonishing example of individuality and respecting each other.
The problem, as regards finding a wider audience, is that she suffers acutely from stage fright. Otis, whom I have seen play live, quite clearly doesn't.

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