Wednesday, October 05, 2016

New Music 2016 - Part 51 - Bel Blue - Our Places

Not very often does this happen. I'm delighted to share it when it does. This is self-released on Wild Dog Rose and all nine tracks are self-written. It is almost entirely acoustic, a smidgen of electric guitar features on two tracks, but more importantly it is astonishingly whole.
This time last week I'd never even heard about Bel Blue or, if I had, I had forgotten all about it. Hearing three songs from it on Monday evening made me think that the latter scenario is very unlikely indeed.
It was bought to me by the twin powers of local radio and the worldwide access to it via the internet. In this case the distance between Hailsham FM (in Sussex, England) and my location in Frome, Somerset, England is barely 125 miles. The result was I purchased the LP there and then - on that slightly old-fashioned format that is CD. Royal Mail delivered it to my door today.

Here it is:

Bel Blue - Our Places:
  • Longing's Gone
  • Our Places
  • In Its Time
  • Waterfall
  • Wild Dog Rose
  • River of Dreams
  • Somewhere
  • Nant Ddu
  • Along the Way
  • Our Places (live by the River Ely)
  • In Its Time (radio edit)

Bel Blue - In Its Time (radio edit, official video).

It is a d├ębut album but I suggest that if I had told you otherwise then you might well have left the fact unquestioned. It is also independently released. I'm not, although a few may think otherwise, out to denigrate major labels. They have made a few steps to attempt to rescue their tattered corporate reputation but thus far only a fraction of what might be required, if that is indeed possible.
That is not what really excites me and makes me want to go to certain festivals. This sort of music is exactly the kind that does.

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Bel Blue Music said...

Thankyou so much, last night I came across your lovely blog and was again taken back by your support for my music and also the generosity of sharing music for small indie artists like myself that exists. Its hope giving and encouraging. Thankyou :) Bel Blue