Wednesday, June 21, 2017

New Music 2017- Part 23 - LosFeliz - Ancestry

I have had a break from writing, but not from listening and now I'm back after a case of writer's block.
I am planning a number of posts, including another imaginary journey, but just now this has taken precedence over that more complicated project. Released only last week it is wonderful music for the late evening when the heat of the day its making way for late evening darkness.

LosFeliz - Ancestry (Union Music Store, 16 June).

Ancestry is one of those d├ębut records that seems to have arrived fully-realised from another universe. LosFeliz is essentially the solo work of Brighton-based artist Lucy Powell and it was recorded in a church in her native Wales. It is spiritual and fluid, humanist rather than religious and lies somewhere on a meandering loop-line that has folk and dream pop as its termini. It includes some non-acoustic effects and also found sounds and it is astonishingly devoid of self-consciousness, never mind pretension.
Another thing that it certainly does not have is any sense of hurry, the journey itself is all that matters here and time is not a consideration at all.
  • Jupiter
  • Daymares
  • Dove
  • Foreign Lands
  • Madonna, Pts. 1 & 2
  • Orion
  • Bloodline
  • Temple
  • Moreso Today
Its nine tracks span 41 minutes and soon after you start listening all sense of time becomes an illusion. It should be, and I'm told that this is true, absolutely unmissable live. This could well turn out to be one of the great new albums and artists of 2017.

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