Monday, November 20, 2017

Joanne Shaw Taylor - live at The Royal Festival Hall

It is rare that I venture to London for live music. Last Wednesday was an an exception and with good reason. It was for to see this artist live a fifth time but the fact that I had never set foot inside the iconic Royal Festival Hall did no harm either.

Photo credit: John Bentley

The artist was Joanne Shaw Taylor and despite a cold that had caused the cancellation of the previous day's show at Bristol Colston Hall we were treated to an awesome set. Her voice held but, sensibly in the circumstance, the guitar parts and the addition of an entirely instrumental number were to the fore. It was to be quite stunning. I have never seen and heard guitar played quite like that by anyone...  the acoustics of the room playing a full part here. The whole set seemed to go so very quickly but was not in fact any shorter than might have been anticipated.
Support was provided by the impressive South African blues-rock artist Dan Patlanky and his band of which I have to admit that I was previously quite unaware. On the other hand I really like being caught off-guard by new music.
Rather suspecting that I would not be permitted to use it I didn't take a camera. In some ways that was liberating too. The whole evening, involving company and travelling to London and back, seems to have pressed some sort of reset button in my mind.  Since the summer's festivals I have been listening to absolutely loads of music but had somehow lost the wish to write about it for a month or two. 
It has to be spontaneous. It isn't something that I can make myself do though I often think in some detail about what I might post even when I don't actually do it.

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dvdunplugged said...

I saw the show as well and really enjoyed it but it was a last minute thing with me! About a year ago I had a ticket to see a gig at the Festival Hall but the date coincided with a funeral of a former work colleague. I felt that I needed to go and pay my respects and the Festival Hall were quite sympathetic and gave me refund in the form of a voucher valid for one year. They then sent me a reminder by email saying I only had a week or so left to use it. I was up in London the Sunday prior to the show. I had never heard of Joanne Shaw Taylor before but as that was all I was interested in I went for it.
I really didn't know what to expect when I arrived but I have to say I left on quite a high. I thought she was really excellent and the guitar solo tagged on to the end of Wild Is The Wind was something else. Because I was so late purchasing a ticket I ended up in the rear stalls. Not to worry, I still had a good view but I am determined to see her again and have a better seat next time. Would really recommend anyone seeing her.