Friday, May 18, 2018

New Music 2018 - Part 18 - Living Room Worktapes EP - Tenille Townes

It's never been rare that I feature artists from Canada performing in the folk, roots and Americana space. This is another one of them - the artist here hails from from Grande Prairie, Alberta. It is an EP as good as I have heard this year but perhaps not something I might have expected to be released on a major label. It is acoustic.

Tenille Townes - Living Room Worktapes EP (Columbia Nashville, 13 April 2018).
  • Where You Are
  • Jersey on the Wall
  • Somebody's Daughter
  • White Horse
Four tracks is all you get but it is a triumph of quality over quantity.  I'm not in the business of making comparisons but I'd say a full album is worth the wait, however long that may be.

I'm minded to take an audio 'road trip' through recent Canadian music sooner rather than later. There's plenty on my mind, several of which I am looking forward to seeing play live at festivals this summer. 

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