Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Not big, quite clever? --- Despot Chic.

Maybe it is just a UK thing, maybe it is not, but "shouty-punk" is still something of a phenomenon and it comes in various guises - it can be angry, cajoling, or even surprisingly dispassionate - but all are still quite recognisable as "shouty-punk"...

This 2006, six-track, CD-R by South Wales band King Alexander remains one of my favourites in the genre and not only for the wonderfully un-punk sentiment of the lyric near the end of track 2, We Are A Good Egg:

Do you respect us?
Will you buy our T-shirts?

It smacks of capitalism but as King Alexander is still unsigned the band can hardly be said to have sold out and it might better be regarded as cheerful optimism, something they seem to have aplenty. It would also be easy (and very lazy indeed) to say that their music is not in fact particularly original but, even if that were true, it still manages to be surprisingly addictive listening as it is lyrically nothing if not tongue in cheek! The vocals are nominally shared between the somewhat laconic lads and Laura Bryon, who thus actually sings most of them.
She did the EP artwork too and is clearly something of a dilettante, in the older and strictly non-pejorative sense, and a busy one at that. A quick search shows that she has variously contributed songwriting, vocals and also guitar to a surprising variety of musical projects in South Wales in the last couple of years.

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