Thursday, May 15, 2008

Lyrics again - by Stormy The Rabbit

A new unreality TV series is to start here soon. It is a kind of karaoke in which the auto-cue prompts will suddenly stop and the contestants have to keep singing to win. It will probably be quite horrendous TV but the interesting thing, if is there is one at all, is that it focuses on lyrics. The contestants might just get to try those from my last post but I would not expect these; then again, if it did, it could make for quite fascinatingly awful viewing/listening.

I'm sorry to say that Stormy doesn't really do verse structure and his lyrics come with 'Parental Advisory':

For four fortnights I've fled from my fortress, foraging forests five footsteps in length, fortitude found within forty ounce bottles, flowing like flies from your face, from your face. And my neighborhood, it's been filled brim with black cats and when I go driving they walk my path, every time, every time. First we were babies, we're birthing and dying, and then we were children we were playing and crying, and then we were teenagers we were smoking and fucking, liking mud larking and licking our wounds we've created by lusting and lying, to ourselves and to others, we're sadly sighing. And I'd like to be a big ball of meat that bees can buzz around and eat when I die, so that I may be granted one sense of purpose.

You can possibly understand why it might make alarming trashy TV footage! The album is People That Can Eat People Are The Luckiest People In The World - Andrew Jackson Jihad. (2007, Asian Man Records).

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