Friday, August 01, 2008

To whoever searched 'I'm A Fly' - thank you!

In the last week or so someone ended up here while looking for the lyrics to the song 'I'm A Fly' by Laura Marling and that made me realise that it was not a song with which I was already familiar. Things got even better when I discovered that it is the b-side to the 7" single release of 'Cross Your Fingers', which had also passed me by. (How careless was that?)

Cut to the chase and I have it now. The lyric for 'I'm A Fly' is below:

I'm A Fly

I'm a fly; I'll die tomorrow
So give me all you've got.
I so believe, I so believe.

I'm a fly; I'll die tomorrow
So give me all you've got.
And now here in this foreign place
I have let you down
I've fallen for a foreign place
Not fallen to the ground.
I've gone in blinding, scorching sun
And fallen to my knees.

And I've forgotten what I believe
I so believe, I so believe
I so believe, I so believe.

This is the best I can do at the moment but if you have any corrections or alternatives please let me know.
It is, however, a song I really like and it seems to me as if it is a foray into musically more "traditional" folk territory but perhaps without the customary historical lyrical preoccupations. If this is so then we could be in for even greater surprises in the not too distant future.


amanda said...

i just heard this on youtube and i love the song! ( i thought maybe it was a cover or something, so i googled the lyrics and found your post here.

it sounds like the lyrics are a little different than what you transcribed, but i'm sure it's also a different "version" since it's live. where did you find a copy of the b-side?

Richard G said...

Thanks for your informative comment and now I'll watch this on youtube.

Laura Marling has been on tour during almost all of 2008, and also trialling loads of new tracks, so there are without doubt plenty of live versions to be found. If you get the chance then catch her live for real then go - she REALLY is an amazing artist!
I got this b-side by, and sorry to sound flippant here, turning the thing over and listening to the other side... I'm lucky enough to own both a 7" vinyl version of the single 'Cross Your Fingers' and the equipment to play it. She might very well sing different lyrics live, but equally it could be that I made some mistakes as my version was done "by ear" and I'm sure we can all think of lyrics that sound like one thing but actually turn out to be something quite different. Once you've got one idea of what they might be it is very hard to get it out of your mind!


mop1lb said...

Have just been listening to this song, I think the lyrics you have here are correct, just wondering about the last line of it though, after 'I so believe'. At first thought it was 'That there was good in all the world' however I have listned more carefully and think it is:

That there's good in all of us.

I'm not sure if that is quite right, but that is what is sounds like to me.