Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Thoughts on 2009 music.

Well, after my musings yesterday, I've had some more thoughts. To choose one release in each month of 2009 isn't really representative, so I have decided not to do that, and June is young yet so I'm not worrying about it either, but in time it does not look like being an issue.

I can think of three obvious contenders already but about the fourth and fifth I can't decide but I have determined that the order in which they appear will be random and I'll do it the old fashioned way - with a numbered list of albums and corresponding anonymous 'tickets' - I'll get the draw done at work so I can even blame the resulting order on anyone but myself!
It makes sense to me - these are albums/EPs that I like enough to not wish to attempt to put in any kind of order - and the pickers will in all probability have heard none of them which makes it double-blind!
I may then add one or two more items (which will be clearly mentioned as such) taken from anything and anywhere, perhaps for contrast and comparison or just because I love them. The thing is, if I go with this, I'm gonna need to explain why...
It is starting to sound a bit like hard work but on the other hand it is very tempting.

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