Monday, August 17, 2009

What's not to love? Live and new Music 2009 - Part 12

I was reading the set-list and synopses of the bands booked to to appear at 'The End Of The Road 2009' and, while I might try listening to Herman Dune again it is a band that (and it is rare that I blog this) I found rather disappointing at 'Latitude 2007' not least for stating in between almost every song "We are Herman Dune", just in case we might otherwise forget or possibly want to. A lot of water has gone under the bridge since then, it's true, and I'd risk them again but only if there were no competition from a band that I have a burning desire to hear.

As it happens there are potentially many, not least ones that have played at Latitude over the 2007-9 period which, for one reason or another, I have missed out on. It could become something of a folk-roots-Americana fest, at least in so far as I'm concerned, but if that is what I want to hear then I will.
I've mentioned, in this regard, a couple of bands already but they are ones that I have not even had the opportunity to see before. One in the "missed" category is Okkervil River. I've long regretted failing to see them live at Latitude 2008, now only more so for discovering this album, which was also released in the US in 2008...

I can fix the first problem, as Okkervill River are playing 'End Of The Road 2009', but the above band is perhaps even more interesting; She Swings, She Sways are not appearing and I don't think this six-piece, all from south-east Iowa, have ever even toured in Europe before... but I hope they will do so soon.

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