Sunday, September 20, 2009

What next?

More musings from EOTR 2009 which, it has to be said, was a very difficult festival to describe and all the better for that. There were so many great sets that I'll probably never mention them all but Alela Diane, on the Garden Stage Saturday afternoon, should be mentioned (it was also an amazing set) just for this alone and if you want the lyric for this song then just ask... It's better known than I ever dared suspect and plenty of us were singing along!

'Matty Groves' live and acoustic.

The song appears, very much like this, on Fairport Convention's 'In Real Time - Live 1987' and yes I have that on vinyl. It was such a surprise and, when the first chords played my first thought was 'surely it is not, it simply can't be' but I was wrong again.

For the lyric to the song, and some discussion, see:

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