Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lyrics, or sometimes the lack of them...

Lyrics continue to feature prominently, and I like that, but yesterday someone asked about those for 'Memories Last Longer Than Dreams' - Leyland Kirby (2009).

Here they are and indeed those to the 3CD/6 vinyl LP set, in its entirety.

It is the easiest request to fulfil; there aren't any as it is about four hours of totally instrumental music and worth every minute of it. I recently acquired the 12" LP 'Joint Chiefs' - Cursillistas and it is also lyric free. When compared to the former project it is, as well as being only a single LP (I do not know of a CD or download release as yet), much more natural and organic in the more acoustic rather than the overtly electronic sense.

The vital thing is that 'Joint Chiefs' is actually deceptively simple and also totally lovely. It is not hard to like but rather it is for you to recreate that 'snowed in' feeling even if all you want to do is simply to spend a lazy weekend at home and feel guilt-free. I can imagine some of the avant-garde of nu-folk and Americana jamming this kind of thing, simply to amuse themselves, in a remote winter recording hideaway. It is however, for the most part, the mind-warping creation of just two such from Maine - Matthew Lajoie and Dawn Marna.

It deserves a much wider audience.

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