Saturday, December 04, 2010

2010 in Music - Albums - Part 2

***[In progress  ---  further links and comment to follow in the next few days]***

Following on from what I wrote yesterday this is the second instalment of my lists of 2010.  I decided to tackle the albums in two tranches, for the reasons I outlined earlier.
These are not necessarily any less worthwhile (and this is of course subjective) than those that will appeared  in '2010 in Music - Albums - Part 1', which is one reason I did not choose this format in 2009...

To imagine that compiling this list must be in some way easier than doing so for the former would be a major misunderstanding.  It is shorter than the previous part but had I gone beyond ten, and I tried, it became a matter of simply sticking pins in an, admittedly rather pleasant,  map of music. The problem I had was that there was so much worth choosing...
  • Anaïs Mitchell - Hadestown [link1]
  • Beach House - Teen Dream
  • Best Coast - Crazy For You
  • Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart
  • Blood Red Shoes - Fire Like This
  • First Aid Kit - The Big Black and The Blue
  • Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me [link1]
  • Lauren Pritchard - Wasted In Jackson
  • Nicole Fermie - Babel In Three [link1]
  • Trash Kit - Trash Kit [link1]
There is also an honorary inclusion:
  •  Jessica Lea Mayfield - With Blasphemy So Heartfelt [link1]
This is actually a 2009 release but, in the UK at least, might as well not have existed until 2010. It could equally well have been included in my first list for that matter.  It is an album that illustrates very well an issue to which I will return soon.
Some will, can and should question why there are what many would see as blindingly obvious omissions in my listings. That is how it should be but, equally, I don't think I want a list that is just the same as any or every other.  If that were the case then it would be more than a bit boring.

Please feel free to comment, argue and suggest additions/deletions by comment or e-mail. I will add links and further comments as and when I get the time through December.
Artists highlighted in green are those that I have seen live in 2010 or, if in orange, those from before but also mentioned in 2010. Items/artists highlighted in red are those on which I have commented in 2010.
Now over to you and please feel free to comment.  I'm not scary, I'm merely curious to know what you think!

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