Monday, April 18, 2011

New Music I Want - America keeps on surprising...

For some years now my relationship with American music, both new and old, has found virtually no limits. Much of that process and its ramifications have appeared in this blog almost often as in my music collection and the travels continue...
One thing that back then I had never really thought about, let alone appreciated, is the sheer range and diversity.  Nor had I realized just how importantly live performance was regarded in the US and the place that self-releases and independent labels play in all this.

Just one of them is Signature Sounds and this year it is celebrating 17 years in business.
This prompts me to mention an album that I really want to listen to is this, released by Signature Sounds on May 3, 2011 (in the US) and May 9, 2011 (UK).  To listen to a track from it,  'Pretty Girl In A Small Town', which was one of the earliest written for this album then head here.
Horse Latitudes - Jeffrey Foucault (2011)

This next, which involves skipping from state to state as much as it does crossing genre boundaries, is this and it is the second EP from We Are Trees.
Girlfriend - We Are Trees (2011)
Released last month digitally (see here) with this telling comment, which as you will know I much appreciate, it is the mini-album follow up to the d├ębut 'Boyfriend' of 2010:

VINYL COMING SOON (but if you really want, it's on itunes)

The track-list is as follows:
1.  Teenage Heartbreak
2.  Colorado
3.  Girlfriend
4.  You
5.  I Don't Believe In Love
This is is just the sort of vinyl I can imagine myself playing out at Record Store Day 2012!  Real music is for real friends.

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