Sunday, May 01, 2011

Acoustic+ 29 April

Another fantastic evening courtesy of Acoustic+.  The date had been set before a certain well-known couple chose the same day for their wedding and I did wonder if the public holiday on Friday and resultant four-day weekend would severely dent the size of the audience.  It probably had some effect but not a huge one and those of us there were treated to four excellent acts. This time I would not be willing to choose my most or least favourite.
To start things off was singer-songwriter Mark Wynn, who had travelled all the way from his home city of York to play Acoustic+ solo.

Next up was Anna Young, who hails from Bristol, and she was playing her own material while accompanying herself on acoustic guitar.

The second half comprised two bands the first of which was 'Rivers of England'.

Rounding off the evening was a band consisting of a lead singer originally from Frome and three compatriots from Brighton, which has to be one of Britain's most musical cities.
Glass City Vice normally play as an all electric outfit and were somewhat concerned that this, their first ever public largely acoustic set, might go awry. In fact it was excellent: definitely something they should do again although I would like to see them in their normal incarnation too.
The were several moments during this set that made me think of 'Last Night On Earth' era Noah and The Whale, which is no bad thing as I have seen them live several times through the years.
So there you have it - and all this for an entry charge of £5.

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