Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday evening with no live music.

It seems strange. It is not actually remotely unusual but after two weekends spent at festivals it suddenly does: normality has become slightly surreal, which is interesting in itself.  I wonder if, when I wake tomorrow morning, I shall be surprised to discover that I am not in a tent or even inside a sleeping bag?  To all of you at festivals this weekend, and during August too, have a great time.  I'm taking a break (from festivals, well probably) until the first weekend of September and that, of course, is End Of The Road 2011.
So that means, as well as catching up with household chores, more time to explore all the non-festival aspects of music and perhaps to write. I shall also attempt to sort through the pictures that I have taken, all that I have heard and seen, my thoughts and memories, if only to divine just what it meant to me.

So I'm gonna sleep with the light on
 And I'm gonna drink in the afternoon.
Here is an interesting question. What music would you play if an hour was yours to fill and the mission was to convert others to the virtues of physical music? 

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