Tuesday, August 09, 2011

New Music 2011 - A mixed case of folk - Part 2

To continue the theme from yesterday I shall add that one long-term characteristic of folk music is the permutations and combinations game. Jon Boden and John Spiers may be two elevenths of Bellowhead - indeed the founding ones - but that does not mean the resulting endeavour has subsumed them (or indeed the other nine members).  They have also been performing as a duo - more or less - for a decade now, releasing several LPs in that time, so perhaps some kind of simple 'Greatest Hits' is in order?

Not at all. 'The Works' (Navigator Records) has been released instead and it throws some surprises not least of which include the guests: Eliza Carthy, Maddy Prior, Martin Simpson and many others. Available now, it was released in July 2011.
This is the track list:
  1. Tom Padget
  2. Horn Fair
  3. Gooseberry Bush/Laudanum Bunches
  4. The Birth Of Robin Hood
  5. The Cheshire Waltz
  6. Brown Adam
  7. Rochdale Coconut Dance
  8. Old Maui
  9. Haul Away
  10. Bold Sir Ryles
  11. Prickle-eye Bush

This next album in this post is another collaborative compilation and will be released by Shrewsbury Folk Fest on September 5, 2011.
You will no doubt spot the theme here: some artists link the LPs mentioned in this and yesterday's post.  It is to be an 18-track CD - accompanied by an 18-track DVD - and I believe the price is going to be quite reasonable.
This is the track list:
  1. Mining For Songs
  2. Mother England
  3. Jeff Sturgeon's / I Like You, You're Common / When Lenny Met Andy Met Patsy
  4. Cecil's Greatest Hits Vol.1
  5. Dear Kimber
  6. Lover's Lament
  7. The CooCoo Bird
  8. Meadows of Dan
  9. Ol' Groundhog
  10. Black Mountain Lullaby
  11. Child's Song;  Barbara Allen
  12. Aunt Maria
  13. Beautiful Maud
  14. Veggie In The Holler
  15. Earl Brand
  16. Ghost Of Songs
  17. The Great Divide
  18. Maud & Cecil
Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2011 takes place from 26 - 29 August and, looking at the line-up, my ideas on which festivals to consider for next year are looking more complicated with each passing week.

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