Wednesday, September 07, 2011

EOTR 2011 - O Canada! (Part 2)

This was the most amazing thing - the band I thought least likely to... Slow Down, Molasses is one I have known about for some time. 'I'm An Old Believer' but that wasn't going to mean that I might get to see them live unless I went to Canada which, expense aside, I would be quite happy to do. Thanks to EOTR I saw them twice. Here they are playing for the second time on the Tipi Stage at, so my camera tells me, 01:50 on Monday morning.

That I hot-footed it from the Garden Stage to the Tipi Stage, making it just in time for their first set, made the perfect start to Sunday. Why the need to do this? Well I just had to see fellow Canadians Lightning Dust too, also for the first time.
  Amber Webber and Joshua Wells are the heart of Lightning Dust.
They are also half of Black Mountain.


elvislives77 said...

Apologies for not making the Tipi on Sunday night. Adored them on the afternoon. Did they do anything special Monday morning?

Richard G said...

Not really anything planned,but a broken guitar string saw some interesting changes for a few songs! The keyboard (and typewriter)player on rhythm guitar and vocals for a couple of songs being one of them. They were very impressive in adversity. I'll look to see if I took any pictures in this interlude, even if they were not good ones.