Sunday, January 08, 2012

New Music 2012 - Part 5 - Something, Chairlift

It seems a long time since the début album - Does You Inspire You? - was released and then I had the pleasure of seeing the band perform live. It has in fact been a long time; the album was released in 2008 and I saw them at Latitude 2009 but it is still an album that I listen to quite often.  I had become aware that there had been certain 'band issues' and just before Christmas I was wondering when and indeed if we would hear more but never got around to searching, so thanks to Addi and the blog Listologies for letting me know.

The result, from a reconfigured band and a reinvented Caroline Polachek on vocal duties, is 'Something'. The US release date appears to be January 24 (Columbia) but from what I have read the UK release will be through Young Turks on January 23.
Any which way I'm looking forward to this release. I liked much of the electronic-based indie music that was coming out of Brooklyn in the period 2008-10 but, at least to me, it doesn't seem to have been as prominent in the last eighteen months or so. Perhaps I have just been distracted by other things, but that could be about to change.
You can stream the track 'Sidewalk Safari' here.

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