Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Remember MySpace?

Well it does still exist. Don't forget, in the heat of the moment, that things on the internet do not stay the same for long. Here, derived from a slightly earlier and specific comment today, are my initial thoughts on that:

After the FB debacles concerning firstly the default e-mail address changes to, then the huge fuss surrounding the issue of posts by artists and 'Pay-to-Promote', I would hope that it has now learned some lessons ex vox populi.
You, and other artists whom I want to hear all posts from, are now added to a list that ensures that I do. I also changed my profile e-mail address back to that which I had selected.  FB solely depends on us for its success and, much more recently, its stock-market value too. Facebook could go bust tomorrow for all I care. In such a circumstance I'd be way more concerned about the plight of its employees than that of its shareholders.
We as mere users and willing, if hopefully discriminating, advertising magnets would be back on-line somewhere else within a week or so. We already have other options should we choose to exercise them.
I fully accept that, as a business, it must pay its way but that does not excuse it from the need to explain its policy and ethics in advance and in a way that is transparent and simply understood by its many, diverse users. This has been its Achilles' heel for some time, and the problem does not seem to be reaching any kind of swift resolution. 

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