Saturday, April 27, 2013

Valerie --- a cover of that cover...

The Zutons' 'Valerie' was a fine song from the off, there is no doubt about that.
Then Amy Winehouse covered it and the rest, not all of it good in a sense, is history.

Now it has been covered again, by London-based Kalina Starhemberg (vocals) and Gael Cabado Barreno (guitar & beatbox). It is interesting how very far songs can travel from the place in which they started.

Then again there is so much good stuff to listen to at the moment and long may that last.

Added May 1, 2013:
Thanks to Barrie Moore for alerting me to this, another cover of 'Valerie'.

This one is by Sydney, NSW based singer Tiger K and was new to me until today.


Barrie Moore said...

Just a thought, another version you may like.

As always digging your blog.

Richard G said...

Thank-you for that. I've just added a link to this to my original post.