Tuesday, October 22, 2013

An annoyance revisited and a work around...

Thank you to all the many people that have added reports and suggestions to work around the problem updating links and list in the sidebar. I have tried these and, for me at least this has restored functionality that has been missing for almost a week now!
Go here:
In the 'Go To Post' Tab, chose 'More Options' > 'Layout'
Create new side bar widgets and edit existing one exactly as you would do it you had reached this point from the options at the head of your blog page. The only difference, aside from being slightly long-winded, is that when you click 'SAVE' something actually happens!

The only blot I have discovered thus far is that, at least in list widgets, it adds new items to the bottom of the list rather than the top and, while they can be "promoted" using the up/down arrows it is a little tedious. Maybe there is an 'invert list' option that I have yet to find? It is however less tedious than simply waiting for Google/Blogger to fix the primary problem.
In addition, so another slight issue, I cannot add links to the list items but I haven't the faintest idea why that might be. It is, I guess, just all part of the fun - the learning process. Were that not so I would no doubt have given up long ago.
No doubt Blogger will fix the underlying problem, probably sooner rather than later. It may be frustrating, particularly at first, but don't quit for there is plenty of free help out there and, at the very least, a carefully worded Google search will point you towards it.

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