Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Music 2014 - Part 3 - Tiny Ruins

Time catches up with us all - this however is one of the good times. One of the 2014 "artists to watch" is indubitably New Zealand's Ella Yellich O'Connor, better known as Lorde and not least for her 2013 album 'Pure Heroine'.
Another New Zealand artist well worth hearing is Tiny Ruins, the project of Hollie Fullbrook. I first became aware of this when I was at No Direction Home Festival in 2012.

Hollie Fullbrook (guitar and vocals), Cass Basil (bass). Electric Dustbowl stage.
I was reminded yesterday whilst listening to a Mixcloud compilation of singer-songwriter fare in 2013 when I suddenly thought "Oh! a Laura Marling song I don't know and a good one at that." That is never a bad thing; I was wrong about the artist, however.
It turned out to be the song 'Always You, Tiptoeing Through', which is the final track on Tiny Ruins' 2013 EP 'Haunts', which I didn't have. Well worth the cost of the download (the physical copies are long gone). Even better is that a new studio album is coming this spring. I haven't even got the last one yet - Some Were Meant For Sea (2011).
Catch up, Richard!
I now remember why this was. I had intended to buy it at the festival but they had all sold. In any case it has made a lovely start to the New Year, the only blot being that it looks like No Direction Home was a one-off festival. On the other hand I would very much hope to see Tiny Ruins, with the new album in tow, at End Of The Road Festival 2014.

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