Saturday, June 07, 2014

New Music 2014 - Part 17 - Vena Portae

This is what I was intended to write about yesterday. As it happens I seem to be in a blog-posting mood at the moment so that's not an issue. This is in part spurred by the abundance of interesting new music and also, just today, by the fact that my ticket for End of The Road Festival arrived in the post. That has somehow made the 2014 festival season seen real, even though it is (currently) the last one that I shall be attending this summer.

This album is a new project and is not released (vinyl, CD, d/l) until 18 August 2014. Recorded in Sweden in the winter of 2012/13 it isn't very summery. Indeed the lead track is 'Summer Kills' and it can be streamed below.

[post in progress --- to be continued soon]

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