Saturday, July 12, 2014

New Music 2014 - Part 24 - Bella Gaffney

I am not at Priddy Folk Festival, and Bella Gaffney is not in so far as I am aware one of the artists advertised to play there either. That said I have somehow become aware of her music and, I have to say, I like it. She is from Bradford and to be quite honest the North Midlands of England have been giving UK folk a rare treat over the last decade and more.
If I could find a Bella Gaffney LP or EP to tell you detail about then I would do so; at the moment I can't but that is just how it is and simply count this as another 'artist to watch', if you will.

I don't think, for one moment, that this is the last that we shall hear from Bella and probably sooner rather than later.
It is not a summery song in the slightest.
The really frustrating thing is that I know that there is an album 'The Clock That Didn't Stop' and I currently can't find it to buy for love nor money in any format. I can find some of the songs from it but that is not quite what I was looking for. If you know more then please write a comment. [Please note that any comment might not appear at once - all comments are moderated by me, but at least that way you know that I have read them.]

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Bella Gaffney said...

Hello Richard

I've just discovered your blog and your post about my album. If anyone would like a copy of my CD then please send a message via my web page
Many thanks for your kind words.