Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Music 2015 - Part 58 - Fiddle & Banjo - Tunes from The North, Songs from The South

It will soon be time for me to head off into the fields of folk for four nights and three days. It seems therefore a good idea to get attuned to the idea that certain instruments will be far more prevalent than is usual at a more general music festival.

This little gem from Canada is doing just that for me right now all thanks to the folk at FATEA for bringing it to my attention.

Daniel Koulack (banjo) and Karrnnel Sawitsky (fiddle) as Fiddle & Banjo, and guests Joey Landreth and Amy Matysio (vocals on the five tracks that are not tunes).
Their stated aim is to marry the Northern (Canadian) tunes played on these two instruments with the Southern (Appalachian) songs that use the same - and do so very well. In fact, historically it goes back longer and further than that. The part of Saskatchewan that Sawitsky comes from still has a strong musical influence originally brought to Canada from immigrants from what is now Ukraine in particular, as well as from o
ther parts of northern and eastern Europe. The history of Appalachian and bluegrass music has stronger ties with far western Europe, particularly the British and Irish tradition but with definite French and Spanish influences. I suspect that, if you listen to it all a few times that you will spot plenty more.

There is no reason why the concept should not work; this LP serves to show just how spectacularly well it was done. It was released by Kos Green Music on 10 March 2015. I am unaware of any physical availability as yet - I have been too intent listening to be honest - but it is available on d/l from Amazon and to stream on Spotify and Rdio (and doubtless others too).

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