Monday, April 11, 2016

New Music - Part 25 - Half Deaf Clatch - Simple Songs For These Complicated Times

Well what can I say?
It seems no time since I was writing about Half Deaf Clatch and the 2015 LP The Life and Death of A.J Rail. My memory isn't failing me here, I'm pleased to say, even though it was barely longer than a month back.
That was based on seeing Half Deaf Clatch live in Frome somewhat earlier when he also mentioned the possibility of a forthcoming EP, 'The Apocalypse Blues'. Well you can forget that idea. It has been has now taken on an entirely 
new dimension as a ten song LP.

Half Deaf Clatch - Simple Songs For These Complicated Times (self-released, 11 May 2016).

No frippery is evident in the song titles:
  • The Hush Blues
  • The Blinkered Blues
  • The Apocalypse Blues
  • The River Blues
  • The Undertow Blues
  • The Exodus Blues
  • The Lost Blues
  • The Struggle Blues
  • The Countdown Blues
  • The Elysian Blues
Just acoustic blues.

Added 16 April 2016:
Here is an archive-based video, to accompany 'Apocalypse Blues', that draws on footage of nuclear weapon tests.
Added 16 May 2016:
Now the recognition of this is spreading across the Atlantic, as this review demonstrates:

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