Sunday, August 07, 2016

Preview: North Dorset Folk Festival 2016

In six weeks time the season of outdoor festivals will be all-but over for another year. What to do then other than hibernate?

Here is a suggestion that I thought I might mention before all tickets are gone - North Dorset Folk Festival 2016. It is a one day, indoor festival held in Marnhull Village Hall in rural Dorset from noon - 10pm on Saturday 22 October 2016 and this is the fifth edition.
'Bijou' is a word widely used, maybe sometimes over-used, to describe festivals and other things. It's original meaning is 'jewel' but nowadays it also means 'small, exclusive' (as in hotels) for example.
Well NDFF is certainly small - less than one hundred tickets (£29 + £2.61BF) in total! The artist list is where the jewels appear.

Here is a quick-link to each of the artists, should you wish to investigate:
I will add more soon but here are a few things to note:
  • Bijou does NOT mean snooty, exclusive or anything remotely like that.
  • Nobody will assume, let alone expect, you to know anything about what you have come to see and hear. The artists, organisers and audience DO NOT BITE.
  • If you have ever wondered about folk music (it is a very broad church), but never dared test the water, then this is an opportunity to do so without committing to a major investment. 
I bought my ticket before any acts were announced because I have been to all four previous editions. I was certainly not planning to miss out on the fifth such!

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