Tuesday, September 04, 2018

New Music 2018 - Part 24 - Fara - Times From Times Fall

Times From Times Fall is the second full length release by Scottish folk four-piece Fara, all of whom are from Orkney, and is the follow-up to 'Cross the Line' (2016) that I mentioned here.
All the music on this record is composed by the band, sometimes co-writing at others individually, and many are tunes. The final track 'Maxwell's Light' is a tribute to Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell, arguably most famous for his unifying theory of electromagnetic radiation published in 1861-2. A true Victorian polymath he was also a fine engineer and the inventor of light-fast colour photography.

Three of the four songs are poems by Orcadian writers set to new tunes by the band. The fourth is a tribute to a lost relative.

Fara - Times From Times Fall (Fara Music, FARA002, 19 October 2018).

Fara - Times From Times Fall
  • The Port Polka / Rognvald Ritch, The Little / The Shore
  • Speir Thoo The Wast Wind
  • At The Ebb
  • 7, 8, Nein / I'll Do It Last Friday
  • Song (Love Gathers All)
  • Miss Rosa Sermanni Holmes / Vintage Pals / Upside Down Under
  • Frances' Day
  • See It All
  • The Depliction / My Favourite Cow / Farewell To The Prid
  • Simple Dirt / The Fighter
  • The Road Home
  • Maxwell's Light
In my opinion absolutely everything on this album is well worth listening to. The lead release taken from it is 'Speir Thoo The Wast Wind', a poem by Christina Costie set to music by Fara. It is available to listen on Spotify here.

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