Sunday, January 13, 2008

EMI, again.

It pains me to have to report this but, judging from the broadsheet-newspaper reports in the last few days, my optimism about the future of EMI last summer looks increasingly misplaced and things are looking really nasty...
When the s**t hits the fan:
A huge number of employees are likely to be made redundant (and artists released from contract) at EMI and on Tuesday it will probably become far too obvious what is wrong with the industry in general.
I don't blame recording artists for the state of the music industry at all and certainly not the EMI employees who, I reasonably presume, were employed to do the job that they currently do. It is scarcely any comfort but it says much about their dedication that, given the state of the industry, the wheels have not come off sooner. The music industry's experience is (if truth be told and that which is predicted happens) going to be rather widely applicable to others too.
The music itself is probably as diverse (and possibly even better) than ever but it still seems that so much of the traditional music industry is in trouble. They have legions of marketing people, presumably for a purpose, but if they can't see the changing face of things then what exactly are they there for?
Don't just blame downloads, don't blame the (supposed) demise of the CD because there must be a more deep-rooted corporate issue. That said I am far from convinced that the changes that Guy Hands is likely to prescribe for EMI are the future of the music industry; if not, then the future of the industry really is open for grabs.
I hope it somehow must be an opportunity...

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