Tuesday, January 15, 2008

No promises, yet?

In 2007 a former model from Italy but also bought up in France, turned singer, recorded an album based on the poetry by 19th century American Emily Dickinson and many others. Before release most regarded that as a project quite excessive in its ambition but she got away with it and No Promises received fairly sound reviews.

While it is not her first album, and her 1994 release Quelqu'un m'a dit was also quite well received in Europe, her other dalliances with music have tended to be of a different kind - the kind that the UK tabloid press very much delights in reporting!

Carla Bruni has now moved into the Premier League; she has even got the usually tongue-tied French press gossiping and footballers are doubtless distraught. I'm not sure if French has an adequate translation for this, quintessentially British, concept: On M. Sarkozy's arm at every opportunity, she is without any doubt now the ultimate Euro-WAG!

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