Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Hello again...

If you were wondering why I added a counter to this blog last week please let me explain.

I'm not spying on you (in any case it won't let me), I'm not egotistical to any great extent and I'm not inclined to regard a totally anonymous comment any less highly than an e-mail sent to me (both of which you can do from here) but I was just curious about what you were looking for. Well now I know a little bit more, which is that I'm not the only one with somewhat haphazard tastes in music and that makes me feel better. Some of your searches, which probably took you here, are much the same as those I try myself.

To whoever was looking for the lyrics of Gwenno Saunders' Môr Hud earlier this week: I'm sorry to say that I can't currently find them either (and not for want of trying - they are not reproduced on the CD inlay card, as I have the CD, and I can't currently find them on the internet either) but if I do learn more then I'll let you know here and if you find them then please let me know.

That said this 'Pipette' is busy recording solo again - see here -

The lyrics for Aimée Duffy - Dim Dealltwriaeth (all three tracks) I do have however, if you want them, but the translation from Welsh is up to you!

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