Thursday, February 12, 2009

Blue Roses - an update.

This is an update to my earlier post for those of you who have been looking for more information. The first Blue Roses single, 'Doubtful Comforts', is now scheduled for release in the UK on 2 March 2009 on Salvia (XL Recordings) and the album is due to follow sometime in April. In between touring with Guillemots and Emmy The Great she not only found the time to write it all; it is also self-arranged and self-produced. I do not know the album title or track list as yet.

If you can't wait even that long here is a 2008 single that, released as Laura Groves, is still available:

Salvia TIC 001 (2008) is available from Rough Trade.

The only problem I have with it is that it only makes me want the album even more! The 'b-side, and that it genuinely is for it is physically available only on 7" vinyl, 'Bridges' is very short but also a wonderful resumé of her musical style, fluid vocals and observational lyrics.
In a genre with much competition Blue Roses will surely be one of the 'must hear' acoustic artists of 2009.

Note added 14 February:
'Blue Roses' is also the title of the album and it is pencilled in for release in the UK on 27 April on both CD and 12" vinyl. It is now available to pre-order in both formats from Pure Groove.

He doesn't like it when people love me
But he can argue so eloquently.
His words are like knots
Which cannot be unpicked by the likes of me.
Sometimes bridges burn themselves down.
I never knew when to...

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