Thursday, July 01, 2010

Committing Social Suicide (and, actually, why not)?

The existence and availability of this 2005 album on vinyl was asked of me last week and I was so pleased.  Had I not finally abandoned my addiction to simply the music I liked in my late teens and twenties I could never have provided any kind of answer: I would never have heard of it, let alone heard it!

One good thing that came out of my pre-modern liking for music, however, was an abiding passion for vinyl.
'Fashionista Super Dance Troupe' does exist on vinyl - FPLP010 - to the extent of 200 copies and this is one of them.  They are all pressed on turquoise-green vinyl and include a graphically illustrated lyric sheet.  The lyrics are, as US albums often state, 'Parental Advisory': so think twice before playing it to your elders and betters!
Finding a vinyl version is likely to be problematic but on CD and legal download it is widely available from the usual suspects.

More on HSCS very soon and as revealed on the singles and EPs (all vinyl, of course) they can even do sweet and tender (if not quite twee).
Where are they now? That question bothers me again all of a sudden!

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