Wednesday, July 07, 2010

New Music 2010 - Part 13 - Canada & Brooklyn again...

I sometimes comment on various music awards, not least Eurovision, but this is one I've never mentioned before. It is has only been going for five years, unlike the Juno Awards, and is for Canadian artists and music.

This is the short list, some of which are already familiar to this blog.
Some more links above now.  I read loads and eventually chose just one for each artist that, in my opinion, provided the most relevant information in a nutshell.  You can find more if you wish and these are a place to start.  There is no way that I will ever get to grips with the gamut of Canadian music.  It is something to which I have long been resigned and also a good place to be.

Caribou is confirmed for 'End Of The Road 2010' and a band that I am very much looking forward to hearing live.  On the topic of Canadian bands that I have followed for a long while, congratulations to Metric for providing the title song to the 'Eclipse' soundtrack and for lending several members to the collective that is Broken Social Scene.
Although not included above, if only because the album 'Wilderness Heart' is not yet released, Black Mountain is gaining a considerable amount of attention here in the UK - Zane Lowe included it, and a glowing report, on his BBC Radio 1 show this evening and tracks from Arcade Fire - The Suburbs are an everyday occurrence now.

Now Brooklyn:  I mentioned that I'm looking forward to seeing School of Seven Bells again, at Latitude 2010, and their sophomore album 'Disconnect From Desire', the follow up to 'Alpinisms' sounds like a winner to me.  It is released in the UK next Monday - 12 July - so Latitude will be their first festival appearance after its release.
Just recently I mentioned a band called Warpaint - who are certainly not from Brooklyn (or Canada) - but who have a UK tour planned for this Autumn and while the US dates in late summer are with The XX it looks likely, though I can make no promises about this, that they will be supported by a band that have received good reports over here and I have liked that which I have heard, I must say. They are from Brooklyn. That band is Beach Fossils and this is their eponymous début album.

I've not heard enough to yet make a reasonable review possible but this makes it pretty certain that I will, and sooner rather than later.

To say that this is even scratching the surface of the new music coming out of either location would be a ridiculous claim, which only goes to show that so much music is just there waiting to be found and enjoyed: don't wait to be spoon-fed.
You can legally have the music for less, and also give more of your money to the artists who made it, if you look and act wisely.  The latter comment is important: if something looks "too good to be true" then it probably is.  It may be that you will become a victim of crime but, possibly worse still, you may even be committing one yourself.  Think first!

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