Sunday, July 10, 2011

Lady Nade - live in Frome

Yesterday evening was the combined Frome Festival Feast and Acoustic+. It was all good - the food, the weather, the music and the impressive turnout being just four things that readily come to mind. About the appearance of Frome's mayor in a swimming costume, but still with the regalia that befits his status, I am less sure [but I do have a picture]. Rather than attempt a full low-down on the events I will mention two things.
The first is that there were so many children there, from infants upwards, and most were interested in the music. The other observation is that just sometimes one act will, for all the great endeavours of the others, simply steal the show. I've seen this a couple of times before, mostly at festivals, and one of the tricks is that as well as it being an unpredictable phenomenon they do so seemingly without trying.

Yesterday was a case in point and Bristol's Lady Nade was the one to pull it off. Soul-jazz it might be but it is most certainly inflected by her remarkable contralto. I'd already heard it recorded and even so it was a surprise live. Watching what happened when people walked in from outdoors - many probably just wondering where their kids had gone - was very interesting.
Most of the kids were upfront and most of the adults just stood and listened.

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