Thursday, September 12, 2013

New Music - Part 29 - Plu

Only yesterday I wrote that my next my next post on forthcoming albums would be from acts and artists at the rockier, more electric end of the spectrum. That will happen very soon but, in part due to very much consideration of the acoustic aspects of EOTR and particularly sibling acts, that plan got wrecked by discovering this.
My excuse is that on a technicality 
this album does not contravene the forgoing as it is already released.

Plu is a sibling three-piece comprising Elan, Gwilym and Marged Rhys who hail from Bethel in Gwynedd, North Wales. The best short description of their music I can provide would be of imagining that Sweden's First Aid Kit suddenly discovered they had a brother and then all three decided to write and record in Welsh, rather than English. I know that might be a little tricky even if you are well acquainted with the music of First Aid Kit, so here is a sampling of the music of Plu.

The album Plu has thirteen tracks and the listing is below:
  1. sgwennaf lythyr
  2. gyfaill
  3. cwm pennant
  4. tyrd yn ol
  5. garth celyn
  6. hiraeth
  7. geiriau allweddol
  8. fyddai'm yn ddiarth
  9. glaw du
  10. blodau oll
  11. fel llwynog
  12. yr ysfa
  13. tra bo dau
It is released on CD by label Sbrigyn Ymborth (SY016) and the best place to source it is Sadwrn where you can also find a fascinating range of other music from Wales.  If you are aware of of the work of Cowbois Rhos Botwnnog, that includes brothers, another Sbrigyn Ymborth act, and Siddi (again siblings) then you will have a better idea of where I am coming from.

'Plu' is the welsh word for 'feathers'. If you search Google or similar for plu you will also discover that it is an acronym for many and varied things.

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